Wednesday, January 13, 2016

We Are the Robots - The Visionary 3-D Digital Concept Designs of Vladislav Ociacia

At any given time, the world wide web can reward curious eyes and minds with something really different. I was recently reminded of that ever-expanding reality when I happened across the amazing 3-D concept designs of Ukranian technical artist Vladislav Ociacia. As you can see with your own curious eyes, the level of mechanical detail involved Ociacia's 3-D model work is really remarkable.

Equally remarkable too, maybe, are the physical types that appear––rather matter of fact, mind you––in many of his "Ociacia Robot" designs. This fairly sophisticated approach to robot concept design made it seem as though Vladislav would be a pretty cool guy. So I promptly sent off a Facebook friend invite. When I noticed the next morning that the invite had been accepted, my immediate impression of him was confirmed.

To check out more of Vladislav Ociacia’s stunning robot concept designs, visit his page on ArtStation. And if you're thinking that your Facebook friend list doesn’t have nearly enough cool robot concept designers, you can add Vladislav to it by clicking here.

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