Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Psyence Fiction: Naomi Campbell & Seb Janiak, circa 1997

The stunning collection featured in this post (circa 1997) is actually a prelude to another remarkable set to be featured later on this blog, also produced by photographer Seb Janiak and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Looking at this particular set, though, now nearly two decades since the images were first created––the work still seems somewhat ahead of its time.

On a side note, they also inspired me to think: If I had happened to wake from slumber one morning a year or so ago and––by some bizarre, body-swapping circumstance––found myself wearin' the pajamas and construction boots of the set decorator on FOX TV's Empire, I would have made it my mission to have these first images featured on walls inside the condominium apartment of Hakeem Lyons.

If you're not a cool enough to be a regular watcher of the cult hit that is Empire (or a lame ass, marathon viewer like myself), Campbell had a part in season one as the cougar-ish love interest of Hakeem, one of Empire's main characters. Ginormous (4ft x 6ft) framed prints of the two mentioned images on walls of Hakeem's living room or den would have been utterly, utterly, utterly bad ass. Trust and believe. 

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