Monday, February 22, 2016

You may not know it yet, but painter Sean Qualls might be your new favorite artist

Afro Psyche #1
6" x 9", Mixed Media on 1/2" Plywood

This wonderful work by artist Sean Qualls taps into my heart and mind in ways that a great deal of modern art cannot, no matter how masterful the work may be. Rising like an aged wraith from its gnarled surface are deeply ingrained memories of the wrinkled veins of cracked enamel that spread out all across the weathered fronts of old picket fences that I once passed every day as a kid. And the lovely sista’ figure at the heart of the piece stirs up fond remembrances of the homegrown folk art that always looked out at me from the mural covered brick walls of corner stores in various neighborhoods, and concrete viaducts that framed avenues, boulevards and side streets throughout the town. The work is warm and familiar, and it emanates a very comforting sense of rootedness. But it's also just pretty darned cool. To see more work by Sean Qualls, check out his blog by clicking here. And click here too to connect with the artist by way of Facebook.

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  1. i dig this painting. it never fails that when i find an artist i like, the cost of their work would buy me a small car. oh well.......